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Hello and Welcome aboard!

Captain CR Soma?s Dells Cruises will celebrate its inaugural season this summer as it launches ?Cheers?, a double deck, 100 passenger, sight seeing and charter boat.

This cruise line focuses on trips that require no walking, boats and docks that have the easiest accessibility in the area, and a flexible format. Offering guests 1 daily cruises and romantic evening excursions with a host of unique amenities. For example, guests among morning cruises may choose a continental breakfast while those on a sunset cruise may enjoy music and a taste of Wisconsin?s finest beers, wine, and cheeses.

Operated by the Soma family, who have over a 100 years of combined experiences on the Wisconsin River, Captain CR Soma?s Dells Cruises offers adults and seniors a relaxing way to take in the exquisite views found on the UPPER DELLS. ?Cheers? is also available for private charters ranging from casual to black tie.

For rates and times call

608-254-BOAT (2628)

Toll free: 877-525-BOAT

Fax: 608-254-2628


o Breakfast and Dinner

o Weddings, receptions

Join together with the one you love and/or a group of people on the Wisconsin River for a night of romance and partying.

Get a one in a lifetime chance to see beautiful sunsets; carved sandstone features including High Rock, black hawks profile, and the twin sisters. Have a dinner literally on the river.

Good Service Doesn?t Change

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